Website moved to WordPress

The old website – which I made without a CMS – is now not used anymore. It will be taken down sooner or later!

Instead I’m using WordPress now. This has several reasons:

  • Much easier handling of new content (especially blog posts).
  • Big community which offers many great themes and plugins.
  • And what I like most: A great mobile site without any further work!

So I hope you like the new website;-)

New IntelliScreen widgets

IntelliScreen got two great new widgets! On the top and on the bottom you can see the IntelliScreen config widget, with this widget you are able to access the IntelliScreen settings even faster!
In the middle there are some screen off widgets (if you are a premium user you can chosse different designs!) just click on them to lock your screen;-)

IntelliScreen Updates

IntelliScreen got some great Updates in the last few days! The new Features are:

-Scroller widget bugfix
-added error report functionality
-fixed design bug (large text size)
-several bugfixes & improvements
-Improved Peripherie Settings
-New Hud View for active app rules
-added info HUD for informations about CPU, accelerometer and light sensor
-added light sensor control
-added awesome new theme for modern phones

We hope you like it;-)

IntelliScreen released on GooglePlay

IntelliScreen released at Google Play Store!
IntelliScreen is the all in one App handling the Screen timeout on your device.
I made this app in corporation with an other developer😉
This was the first time I worked with someone together on an App and it went really well!:-)

-set an individual global screen timout time (e.g. 42 seconds)
-individual rules for specific Apps (e.g. screen always on, customized screen timeout)
-intelligent mode: Set a position in that the screen will always stay on
-dock functions: choose if the screen should stay on when you are using a dock (e.g. desk dock)

Try it out;-)