JumpnRoll update

After a really long break, I finally made a big update again for my very first Android App JupmnRoll 😀

The changes include support for the google play games online highscore, therefore you can now compare your scores with your friends and the whole world online. In addition to that, there are also lots of bugfixes and improvements, support for the Android 4.4 immversive mode, a refined tablet layout and much more!

Unfortunately the codebase of JumpnRoll is already really old and looking back, I realize that I implemented many things badly or at least not really maintainable. From todays point of view, I would make nearly everything different and the app would have to be completely rewritten in order to make bigger updates without too much additional effort. For this reason – and because I have many other projects at the moment – at least in the near future, there won’t be any bigger updates!

Nevertheless I would really appreciate if you try out the newest version and of course I would also like to hear your feedback 😉