IntelliScreen is a powerful App that handles if your screen should stay on or not!


  • Individual rules for specific Apps (e.g. screen always on, customized screen timeout)
  • Set a position in that the screen will always stay on (Accelerometer)
  • Set an individual global screen timout time (e.g. 42 seconds)
  • Light sensor: if its dark screen goes out (e.g. if you put your phone into your pocket)
  • Change screen brightness based on foreground app
  • Peripherie functions: choose if the screen should stay on when you are using a dock (e.g. desk dock), or your device is charging
  • Display filter: saves battery life for AMOLED displays and great for eBook reading
  • Info HUD: shows always the state of the accelerometer, CPU, light sensor and active app rules
  • Wake up device (the screen automatically turns on when you put your device out of your pocket)
  • Screen lock widget (click on it and your screen gets locked)

*Pro only Features*

  • Light Sensor
  • Extended Notifications and display filter
  • Widget designs
  • Wake up device
  • And much more…

So please support us and the further development of this app by buying the pro version (In-App purchase), Thanks!

We would appreciate every feedback! Please contact us if you have ideas for new features or want to inform us about a bug!

I made this App in corporation with Andreas Schrade, an other great developer! You can watch his website here 😉

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