IntelliScreen Update

IntelliScreen got a few great updates in the last months. Here is the full changelog:

  • v. 1.4.2
    -Wake up device option (pro only)
    -Proximity sensor support (pro only)
    -Light sensor compatibility mode (pro only)
    -Improved animations
  • v. 1.4.1
    -Android 4.2 related bug fixes
    -Enabled rotation in App list
    -Improved Icon
  • v.1.4.0:
    -added notification feature of new installed apps (free)
    -fixed problem with non market app installations
    -removed 0 or 1 second as an valid timeout value
    -some graphic updates (new icon, several updates)
Especially the wake up device option and the notifications for newly installed apps are really great! 😀
If you are a pro user and activate the wake up device option, your screen automatically turns on when you put your device out of your pocket. That can be really usefull, especially if you are using face unlock!
The notification is also available for free users. If you activate it and you install a new app, you get a notification where you can set your settings for this app!
We hope you like it;-)