Huizbrett remote

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PLEASE NOTE: This app alone does nothing! It only works in combination with “Huizbrett – the game” for computer.

With this app you can remotely control “Huizbrett – the game” on your computer. It’s even possible that two people (with two Android devices) play “Huizbrett – the game” together using this app, this could be really great fun 😀

How to use:

  1.   Download “Huizbrett – the game” for Computer
  2.   Start the game on your computer
  3.   Start any level you want and then press ESC to open the pause menu
  4.   Choose “Remote control verbinden”, then the IP address of the Huizbrett Server is visible on the screen
  5.   Make sure that your Android device is in the same Wifi network as your computer
  6.   Start the “Huizbrett remote” app and choose “zum Server verbinden”
  7.   Enter the IP address of the server
  8.   Hold your device in the position in which you want to play and then press “Kalibrieren” to calibrate the sensor
  9.   Now, if you want, you can even connect a second player, just by pressing ESC and then selecting “2 Spieler”
  10.   Have fun playing! 😀

Get it on Google Play