Huizbrett – the game

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Huizbrett is a great causual game in which you have to bring the circle into the white goal. There are many enemies and other things which make it sometimes really hard to pass a level! Currently there are 30 exciting levels available, from really easy to incredibly hard!

We made the game using PlayN, this is a great open source cross plattform compiler for games. You write the game code only once (in Java) and can then compile it for up to 5 plattforms including Android, Java and HTML5!

This game is a school project, which I made in corporation with Johannes Haring and Thomas Moder.

If you like Huizbrett, make sure to also try “Huizbrett remote” 😉

Get it on Google Play


Download Huizbrett for computer

Play the HTML5 version online. We recommend using Google Chrome for a great game experience.

Have fun playing;-)